Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Veligandu Island

Well, very soon, it's off to the Maldives for the fourth time, and this time returning to the Island called Veligandu, which is in the North Ari Atoll, and is certainly one that my wife and I are looking forward to.

This year, being full of economic doom and gloom just encourages you to try to get away on holiday, and after booking it as the wife's Christmas present, the time will soon be coming to jet off to the Maldives.

As I said, it's the fourth time we have visited the Maldives, I'll do a separate blog about the other Islands we have visited, being Sun Island and Lily Beach, both fantastic places to go.

So, what of Veligandu?

Well, this is the first time we have returned to the Island, the previous time we went was in Christmas 2007, when we had a truly fantastic time.

Setting off the week before Christmas, we didn't know what to expect of this Island, but following the direct 13 hour flight from Manchester Airport, and also the brilliant Seaplane journey from Male to Veligandu, we were met with the deliciously cold towel for the back of the neck and face, and of course with the complimentary cocktail which always goes down well as you wait to find out where you are staying.

The 20 minute Seaplane journey is certainly one to behold, seeing various islands below in the turquoise waters below, it's a great opportunity for taking photos. The seaplanes hold about 13 people, and lands right at the island, unlike many others where you are met by a platform five minutes away from the island, and taken to the said island via dhoni boat.

So, how does the Island shape up, well when we visited it last there were a lot more beach bungalows than there are now, and this is because they have had a major refurb, with now a massive total of 54 water bungalows, complete with Jacuzzi's, whilst there are also 10 water villas, and 10 jacuzzi beach villas.

There is also another change to the island, with the new swimming pool, on our previous stay there wasn't one, so this is a definite plus as far as we are concerned, and cannot wait to jump in!

Last time in Veligandu, we made several friends with the staff over there, so hello to Ranji, Gopi, Mendis, Afsar, Mahmin, and many others too, hopefully they are all still there, I know that Ranji & Gopi are as we keep in constant text with them, especially with Ranji, the Man Utd fan, who is a dead ringer for Ronaldo!

The staff at Veligandu will certainly look after you, and there are certain nights where you can take part in betting on Crab racing, not the large ones, but those small things like the ones out of Nemo!

So, have you been to Veligandu, or even the Maldives before, or are you heading there for the first time?

If so, post a comment to say where you have been, with the pros & cons of going there, all comments are welcome!

Thanks, Banksy!